Firm History


After years of working in “big law” and becoming experts in our fields, we decided it was time to advance our unique approach to offering clients stellar legal advice by forming Vogel Bach & Horn to reflect our commitment to providing exceptional counsel at affordable rates.


What are the chances that two immigrant women should find themselves sitting next to each other in their first class at a U.S. law school? That unlikely encounter in 1997 led to a deep friendship, and eventually a shared vision for how we wanted to practice law.


Our stories have remarkable parallels. Both of us immigrated to the United States – from Germany and Russia, respectively – without any family or resources. Throughout law school, we both worked to support ourselves and to master our language skills in addition to learning the law and adapting to a new country. We shared a common determination, discipline, and dedication despite the enormous obstacles in our way. These challenges only deepened our passion to becoming excellent counselors of law.


Early on, we began to formulate a different vision for the role of the lawyer – that of legal advocate and counselor. To fine-tune this vision, we knew we would need to gain experience at top law firms. In addition to demanding the highest levels of discipline and dedication, major law firms offer an unmatched practice of law in the largest and most complex legal cases, involving the most sophisticated and knowledgeable clients. During our years of practicing law at the top law firms, we continued to intensify our study of law by learning every factual and legal aspect of the cases we engaged in.