Whether you are a CEO or in-house counsel of a company and need outside legal resources in a variety of matters, Vogel Bach & Horn can assist you. Vogel Bach & Horn represents domestic and international companies acting as their counsel in U.S. Jurisdictions.


Additionally, we represent Fortune 500 companies in bankruptcy and restructuring matters. A corporation’s bankruptcy filing changes everything for those it does business with. Creditors owed payments suddenly must wait in line and negotiate to get paid. Vendors paid shortly before a filing may be forced to return monies received. And legal contracts and intellectual property can all be called into question.


If your corporation has been affected by another business’s bankruptcy filing, look to Vogel Bach & Horn. If you suspect that a business you work with might file for bankruptcy in the near future, we can help protect you. Our expert counsel can advise and place you in the best position for a favorable negotiation or settlement with debtors.


If your corporation is facing financial distress, Vogel Bach & Horn could assist you in considering all strategic options to best suit the corporation’s needs.


As attorneys with a wide range of experience, our expertise covers all industry areas. When it comes to corporate matters, restructuring, bankruptcy, or litigation, trust Vogel Bach & Horn to protect all of your business interests.



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